Friday, 31 March 2017

Are You Considering Duct Cleaning Services?

Knowledge about cleaning your air duct in early stages is always necessary. There are many reasons that you should have your air ducts cleaned, including several health benefits and long-lasting ventilation equipment and result in saving more energy which improves the air quality in your home and business as well.

What you need to be aware of is choosing the right air duct cleaning professional. As per Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), indoor air can be more 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. commercial duct cleaning companies perform cleaning which helps in eradicating bacteria, fungus, mold spores, pet dander and pollen that get trapped in air ducts. If you are allergic and have asthma symptoms, clean air makes a big difference in the quality of life and save your frequent hospital visit.


How are air ducts cleaned?

Professionals use a specialized vacuum cleaner in order to clean an air duct system. It creates a negative pressure inside air duct which cleans the debris and contaminants which are stuck inside for quite a while. Before starting the process of cleaning, professional applies anti-microbial chemical sanitizers in the interior of ducts which kills the bacteria and give way for the air to pass. Before, you plan to call a professional, verify if all their products and equipment are approved by EPA. Atomizer used these days creates fog and mist that spreads the sanitizer through the air ducts and ventilation.

Types of Vacuum used by Professionals?

When an air duct cleaning professional shows up at your home or at a commercial building, he'll most likely use one of the two popular types of vacuum collection system:

1. Truck- mounted collection system
2. Portable unit.

Truck/trailer mounted equipment is considered very powerful equipment. The downfall is that it can't be brought directly into a facility, limiting its access to all of the ventilation system. Vacuum system should be attached safely to a collection device so once suction is started all the debris is collected safely. The air duct cleaning services range in cost from $450 to $1000 per heating and cooling, depending on

1. Additional Services offered
2. Size of the system
3. System convenience
4. Geographical Location
5. Level of contamination

Beware of the companies who promise to clean your air ducts at a lower price. They can be here today and gone tomorrow. Before making a decision, take a look at some tips:

• Always verify that the company is licensed and adequately insured for any incidental damages that they may cause.

• You should ensure that the company is going to clean and visually inspect all of the air ducts and related system components;

• Gather information about the air duct cleaning company before you hire the company.

• Ensure with the contractor if he'll be cleaning the entire system, including coils and fans?

•Ask the contractor to give you a guaranteed price before the inspection

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