Saturday, 22 April 2017

Steps to Clean the Kitchen Exhaust System

In today's era, you will not find even one house without a kitchen exhaust. Since it helps to keep the fumes of greasy air away and to stick on the walls of your kitchen. There is a way of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. There are right ways and a wrong way to offer this service. Going further, starting the cleaning process begins with cleaning the hood system and it is the right way. When it comes to kitchen exhaust cleaning, the major step before starting is the setup. All the items are moved off the cooking apparatus. Then the pilots are blown out. Plastic sheeting is wrapped over the equipment. Every system is not suitable to be set up with a funnel.

Once the cooking equipment is wrapped properly with plastic cover, it needs to be from a higher point and ceiling need to be 3 inches above the floor in front of the cooking equipment. This will be helpful in preventing back splashes of water from contaminating your kitchen.
Going forward, remove the grease filters from your kitchen exhaust system and place them where ever it is going to be cleaned. Soaking them in a chemical solution is highly preferable before going further.
Now the most crucial part is to verify panels. Examining panels can be helpful because if they are opened, you can scrape out any heavy grease.
After completing all this, it is time to go to where the fan is located on the roof, since new kitchen exhaust has been introduced, there are many times the fan is located on the side of your building. Now an individual can stand at the hood at this point armed with a shop VAC ready to suck up the water. Now, flipping the fan is a appropriate way to expose the ductwork. The fan blades you should specially notice because every fan has a hinge hook set up specifically for this purpose.

After the fan is flipped, the course of action starts. You can degrease and power-wash the ductwork and fan blades. Now place the fan back. You will notice that the inner part of the top of the fan is now degreased and power washed. You need to very careful about the gallons of water you are going to use. Since 2 to 5 gallons of water per minute is essential to clean the machine. Now, the man on the ground inside your kitchen also plays an important role as he takes care of the water flow when it falls. Teamwork is very important in this work!

Once the fan and duct have been cleaned properly it is time to move on to the kitchen hood. Move your equipment and yourselves to the ground and then decrease and power wash the hood and make sure it is cleaned properly. Scrubbing with steel wool or stiff metal scrapers also plays a vital role when it come to cleaning process.

After the hood has been cleaned properly, it need to be dried with a towel and shines the hood with steel shine. After all this process, clean the filters. It is very important when cleaning the filter, they need to be degreased and power washed starting from back side first then the front. After completing and ticking all the cleaning procedure you have done put the filters back in your shiny clean kitchen exhaust system clean up all the mess. 

These are the cleaning steps of the kitchen exhaust system, if you want to do it by yourself. But calling a professional will be a great option, since it needs expert. If your kitchen exhaust is dirty and need cleaning or maintenance and you are looking for a kitchen exhaust cleaning on the internet, you will find Action Duct Cleaning Services as the most reliable source in the market.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

“Find the Right Air Conditioning Cleaning Service For The Commercial Building”

One of the primary items any business will need is commercial air conditioning during summer time. This way the customer will feel more comfortable in your store, and your sale will increase. Of course, if your system goes out, it could result in lost sales. These are the reasons the air conditioning service will be beneficial.
To guarantee that your system is running at the best performance, it is important to call an expert at least twice a year. During this time, they will verify the system if it is working at peak performance.
As part of the commercial air conditioning service, they will verify if Freon levels are working fine. They also assure that belts and gears aren't wearing down or need replacement. Also, companies will also take the time to clean out the unit itself to ensure it remains free of dirt and debris. These unwanted materials in the vents cause problems for you later on in the year.
It is important to get your service approved in advance which is performed on your unit. A quote is required before any appointment is scheduled for repairs.
What you will find is that by having a professional come out to repair your system can save you money in the long run. The reason is when the issue with a certain part is spotted, it is taken care by the expert saving you extra cost. For example, replacing a certain part now will be cheaper than having it repaired when it is totally damaged.

A certified company is much preferable than a company which promises you service at cheap rates.  The reason is that some manufacturers will void a warranty if service is not done by a trained professional. If you have a newer system, it will be better to call the authorized dealer to perform service on your unit. You can contact the service provider, or you can check with the manufacturer of the system.
It is essential for you to find a company that offers a detailed inspection of your commercial unit. Check the review of the local companies or ask for customer references. Once you have gathered the information contact the companies and call them for repairs. Find companies that use the latest computer technology which handles digital systems instead of old fashioned customer service. After all, customer service is going to have an impact on the experience you end up having.
Actionduct has been handling these projects for quite long. With customer satisfaction, we have maintained our reputation up to high levels. A Japanese study showed that when dust accumulations in a duct exceed 0.8 millimetres, particles can begin to blow out. If you are looking for commercial airconditioning cleaning service on the internet, you will find us as the most reliable company in this industry since 1978.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Finding An Effective Air Duct Cleaning Company

These days it is really hard to find a commercial air duct cleaning company who is reliable and perform a well-to-do job. Since, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning)has become a necessity in daily life, Its maintenance plays a major role as well. The maintenance is going to provide you, your family, and your employee's fresh air. However, some air duct cleaning companies claim to clean your ducts at low fees. Homeowners should beware of such companies because they do a poor job of cleaning the HVAC systems. In case, these companies try to persuade customers into non-required services or provide service without customers approval. Contact the Better Business Bureau and report the company right away.
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems collect fungi, mold, bacteria, and family of contaminants that degrade the purity of the air for residents and visitors to breathe. A polluted or dusty air duct supplies poor indoor air quality and give birth to many health related issues such as affects the health of people in the residence. Such as:

Sinus Problem:
The dust and debris in the air duct get blown into your home with each cycle of the air condition or heater. Since the air is circulating in your living space, some of these particles enter your nasal passages. These tiny particles flow inside your sinuses, wich can cause inflammation and can lead to infection. If left untreated, sinus infections can create havoc since it is very painful.

Asthmatic patients can have an attack once they are exposed to dust, mold or other harmful substances. If not cleaned time to time, you might need to go to the hospital every now and then.

Respiratory Infections
Every time air crosses through the system, some of these germs are left out into your living spaces. This might lead to respiratory infections frequently.

To secure your self from all these problems, make sure air ducts needs to be cleaned every 3 months. Here are some tips which can enhance your knowledge about air duct cleaning and how cleaning companies help:

1.   Vacuum: The most efficient way to clean an air duct system is to use a powerful vacuum which puts the air duct/ventilation system under negative pressure. The device is then inserted through the ducts to provide thrust into the ducts to knock out the contaminants and debris from the interior surfaces.
2.   Whips and skipper balls: The vacuum does not play the entire role in the cleaning process. Brushes, air whips, Skipper balls are other tools which fluster the debris and scrub the surface within the duct. Then it propels the containments and debris into the vacuum collection device.

3. Sanitizers: Sanitizer is a role player along with the whips and vacuum system which clean your duct system. Since it is an antimicrobial chemical, It controls the microbial contamination. Before applying this sanitizer, make sure the duct system is properly cleaned. Also, keep an eye on the sanitizers, the actual sanitizer which provides all the benefits should be EPA-registered for use in HVAC systems. Airduct is an experienced  commercial duct cleaning company that has been successfully providing excellent services to the consumers since 1984. To know more about our services, call us at